Atelier Turner is a boutique interior architecture and interior design firm - Chicago based but with a global output - whose roots are deeply planted in the world of hospitality and residential design. The principal, Tricia Turner Manasra, began her career designing luxury resorts and hotels in cities as far-flung as Macau and Abu Dhabi. The lobbies, guestrooms, and spas of diverse hotel brands bear the imprint of her work, as well as a presidential suite for the sheik of Abu Dhabi.

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a master’s in Interior Architecture from Columbia College, Tricia launched Atelier Turner after years of professional practice at a renowned Chicago hotel design firm.

We draw from a deep rolodex of industry contacts – architects, designers, artists, purchasing agents, construction specialists, general contractors - to hand-assemble talented teams as needed. In the world of custom design, this strategy gives you flexibility and a set of assets to work with based on your project’s style, scope, and budget.