We take a holistic approach blending both interior architecture and interior design services, collaborating with you to create highly-stylized spaces for your residence. We work with clients in Chicago and beyond on everything from new construction, renovations, and redesigns. Whether it’s new living room furniture or a custom-designed home, our full range of services offers you a comprehensive design experience from construction to completion for your residential project.

Tricia Turner Manasra’s background in hotel design leverages trade design standards and functionality requirements with conceptual prowess and visionary abilities to drive design decisions. This proficiency coupled with layers of texture, color, lighting and materials create elaborate stories of artistry for clients.

                 Regardless of your project's scope, the outcome of Atelier Turner’s design is always. . .

Spatial Planning, Layout & Floor Plans Custom Home Design
Furniture, Finishes & Lighting Procurement Custom Millwork
Color Palettes, Furniture Selections, Lighting Finish & Material Selection
Full Service Interior Architecture &
Interior Design
Construction Oversight

Atelier Turner applies professional design principles to bring your space to life. Originating from the field of commercial interior design, this methodology structures the planning and design process appropriately to keep the flow of your project moving at a proper pace. It ensures what usually begins as loose ideas over a brainstorming session develop into a tangible and bespoke interior.

The process starts with a complimentary one-hour consultation which you can arrange by contacting us. From there we utilize the professional design principles to methodically hash out ideas, present new concepts, formulate a timeline and checklist, and discuss logistics and execution. With approvals, reviews and amendments signed off by the client throughout the process, Atelier Turner’s organized approach keeps decision-making smooth, guarantees timely progress, and promotes ongoing and open communication.

In the beginning phase of your project, Atelier Turner leads you through “ideation” sessions to understand your style, inspirations, and unique tastes. This process includes the development of a design book. We use imagery, mood boards, sketches, plans, elevations, and renderings to illustrate design ideas for your residential project. We find it sets a framework and tone for the design, repeatedly becomes a useful reference tool, and produces successful outcomes for all parties involved in the process.

Not sure which expert you need - architect, interior architect, or interior designer - for your residential project? Here are 4 pointers you need to know about working with an architect or interior designer.

Style House by Atelier Turner is our canvas of designer furniture selections for those who appreciate stylish living. Style House furniture boards can be translated into living rooms saving you time and money through our turnkey design. Our wide selection of furniture schemes suits a range of tastes. We continually produce these boards to give you a feel for our stylistic sensibilites but have developed custom boards for a variety of our clients. Scroll through our vast library below or view our most current boards by visiting our blog.

We hope Style House inspires you to explore your tastes as it has for our clients before you. If any of our features pique your interest, please contact us as almost all items are available only to professional interior designers.

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